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Thursday, 23 October 2014

Annapurna Base Camp Trek... Dancing Away the Typhoon, and other Journal Entries

Hanga and I completed the amazing Annapurna Base Camp trek in 10 days. We had an amazing time and, fortunately, no harm came to us (save for a stomach ailment).

We apologize to friends and family, who were worried about us following the typhoon, for not getting the word out earlier about our safety. Our thoughts and prayers go out to those affected by the typhoon and by the ensuing avalanche on the Annapurna Circuit trek.
Sunrise at Poon Hill
We stayed inside during 24 hours straight for a massive storm, which we later found out was a typhoon
Here are some paraphrased excerpts from my journal during the trek:

"We have been stranded by a massive storm with strong winds... And it might last into tomorrow!... everyone is gathered, huddled in the dining hall to stay warm... I decided to put on some music from my iPod, go outside and move around a little to warm up my muscles. Before I knew it I started dancing, and really enjoying it! I realized how long it was since I danced to good music and so I kept going, letting the beats guide my footsteps... the dance session helped me appreciate my situation of being caught in a typhoon, lifted my spirits as well as warmed me up."
Panoramic view of sunrise over Chhomrong
"I had one of the best hiking days of my life... thrusting me into a narrow, steep valley and up into the realm of the clouds, which floated past me like large blimps. Waterfall after waterfall cascaded down the cliffs, coming from out-of-sight sources beyond the clifftops... Bursts of happiness surged through me as I ascended the gorge, threatening tears. I kept feeling so lucky, wondering why I deserved this amazing experience, to stand in awe of such a beautiful landscape"
Ascending the final valley towards the Base Camp
"I also had the following thought on my epic day of hiking: it seems that the phrase "Life is Short" is very popular but nobody seems to live in a way that justifies it. If life is so short, why are so many people working so hard so they can save up for the twilight of their lives? They will likely need their savings for health issues developed through a lifetime of hard work, stress, and 'catching up with the Joneses.'"
Sunrise catches the tips of mountains Hiun Chuli and Annapurna South
"Sunrise from Annapurna Base Camp revealed a dead white and grey landscape dominated by jagged summits. It was beautiful but too cold to enjoy for long..."
Annapurna Base Camp and Macchapuchhre (Fishtail) Mountain
Soaking in the hotsprings. Took a few dips in the river too!
"After another great day of solo hiking, bathing in hot springs, then climbing terrace after terrace of rice paddies, I felt like I could do anything. So I started... running down the mountain and agonizingly climbing up the other side. By the time I found a guesthouse in Landruk I was drenched in sweat and could barely see the stairs in front of me, it was so dark. But the accomplishment was worth the sweat, pain and proving the doubters I could get that far before sunset."
Sunrise from Landruk
"I've had nice meetings with people through unexpected circumstances arising during the trek, like Jasper the Dutchman who hiked with us for 2 days, Martin the German who was stuck in the same guesthouse during the typhoon, Markwus and Hailey, Canadians I spotted taking a break beside a bridge crossing, the Polish couple at our guesthouse couple living in Australia, and Saifur, the doctor from Bangladesh at the hotspring. All these people have helped this experience become more meaningful!"
Hanga photobombing Jasper's photo
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