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Monday, 12 January 2015

We Are All Interconnected

I dipped my feet in the Indian Ocean and felt the warm salty water swell around my legs and splash up to my knees. I breathed in the salty air, while the sun blanketed me with a soothing warmth and the wind played a soft melody around my body, rounding out the natural orchestra on my senses.
I closed my eyes, letting the white reflection of the sand numb my eyeballs, and let myself reach a state of no mind that only being in nature can provide.

I imagined at once all of the forces in the universe at work to provide me with this amazing moment:

the ocean, a single inconceivable mass of water, washing ashore as perfect piddly waves around my human legs;

the ocean surface pulled up by the distant moon, shaped by the wind;

the wind, a strong atmospheric force created by the rotation of our huge planet and driven by ocean heat, fierce enough to whip up killer typhoons, yet forming a gentle breeze on my skin;

the ocean heat, supplied by a massive star in our sky blasting forth a wave of incinerating heat from 93 million miles away, bathing me in life giving warmth.

I snapped out of my state of no mind, back to my little reality, toes sunk in the sand, ocean still lapping at my legs.

At that moment I felt connected to the Earth, the universe and everything.

I felt insignificant. I felt how insignificant we all are, a band of lemmings plodding around on this planet, at the whim of uncontrollable forces.

I also felt lucky. Somehow all these forces improbably came together to shape our planet Earth and to bring me this amazing moment.

We are lucky, as a human race, to be gifted such a beautiful place to call home.

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