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Thursday, 5 January 2017

So Long Facebook World

Now that I've returned to Ontario to reset and reevaluate my life, it's time for a break from Facebook.

While Facebook has been an indispensable tool for human connection and travel, it sure does come with a lot of baggage, not unlike a new computer with too much pre-installed software.

Baggage aside, it's still nice to disconnect now and then. A few years ago, I deactivated Facebook for 6 months. I also went without a home internet connection and TV. It was a glorious period of my life where I lived completely in the present. I diverted my time to simple activities such as cooking, reading and yoga.

This time around, I have similar focuses. I'd like to read, learn guitar, poi, and the French language, and spend time with my family.

In the end, it's all about being present with myself and those around me.

I feel like we've forgotten this feeling. Social media has subjected us to information overload, and bred a starving need for attention and to compare ourselves with our online peers. Our identities have been uploaded to the virtual world, so much so that we've forgotten how to interact with eachother in the real world. How is it that despite being more and more connected, we are becoming lonelier than ever?

So with this I disembark from the Facebook ship. And possibly never to come back. When I'm ready to return to the social networking world I will be giving the FB alternative a try, an open source social network that promises true internet freedom.

If you're looking for an alternative, come join me here!

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