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Friday, 4 March 2016

The Mountains Are Calling - My Return to the Rockies

Since I quit my job in Calgary, I have been following my heart, meeting amazing people and finding unique opportunities along the way. Somehow, one of these opportunities have led to my improbable return to a familiar place of beauty and wonder.

Just a few months ago, in December, I Couchsurfed with Brianne in Lake Louise, one of the most beautiful and most visited places in Canada. She made no secret that she loves her lifestyle there, one where she works as a well paid server in a restaurant, and which affords time for her endless climbing adventures. She encouraged me to think about working there too.

Well, her invitation stuck in my mind and we kept in touch about it. I finally pulled the trigger in mid-February, made all the necessary preparations, and drove back across British Columbia, arriving in the Rockies on the last day of February.

Leaving Vancouver was a very tough decision, as explained in my previous blog, but so far the bright snow-capped peaks have smiled upon me, and its hardy inhabitants have welcomed me warmly.

Upon arriving, I have tentatively roomed with Brianne, and we get along effortlessly. I've been here just 4 days, but she's taken me along on many adventures already, including cross country skiing, indoor rock climbing at the impressive Elevation Place in Canmore, and ice climbing (though I only watched, I'm not ready for this yet).

We took a day trip to Canmore, where I had friendly encounters with the locals in the shops and on the streets. People here have a vitality and calmness about them that only communion with nature can instill, and a humility that only small mountain communities foster. Brianne, who first recruited me to the area, is a shining example.
Cross country skiing with Bri
Bri climbing ice! I only watched
Yesterday I also visited the restaurant I will be working at, The Station, set beside the railroad tracks, in a grand cabin style building. They even have tables in a train car! I met and spoke with the managers. Due to the fickle nature of the food and tourism business along with a highly transient staff, they require an open mind and flexibility of hours. Well, I certainly came here with an open mind, and looking forward to a new experience and challenge in restaurant work.
Image result for the station lake louise
The Station's train car room. Photo from
I will be starting off as a food runner, and working for the next month, after which The Station shuts down for a 5 week period from mid-April, starting back up in mid-May. If I decide to return then, I could be trained as a server.

After moving to Calgary in 2008, I felt love at first sight of the Rocky Mountains. These Rockies made me what I am today, and now I'll be inspired everyday by them. They promise to unleash my spirit and potential, and I intend to be unleashed, and not be held back by distractions. I left all distractions and creature comforts behind in Vancouver, mainly the videogames, to focus on learning and inner growth. Here is my chance to be the best I can be.

If you come out to Lake Louise, you have a place to stay. And if you don't mind paying more than $20 for a meal, come eat at the Station. Until then, happy adventuring!


  1. I'm glad you're close by again! We'll stop by the restaurant soon :)

  2. Awesome :)
    I haven't seen these country skiing shots yet.
    Love where you live :)
    Grateful for your presence in my life right now.